9. Favorite Actor?

I feel like this answer from Bernie is a perfect example of why Daniel Vincent Gordh is my favorite actor on the series.  I love all the work Wes Aderhold, Christopher Sean, Maxwell Glick, and Craig Frank have done on the series and they’ve done a great job of bringing great traits (or awful traits that are wonderfully and subtly portrayed in Wes’ case) to their characters.

However, Daniel had to take caricatures done by Ashley and Laura (and other actors at times) and incorporate their takes into his Darcy.  Lizzie’s Darcy is very awkward, rude, and stiff.  He seems like a huge joke.  But Daniel had to take those traits and still have them present, but in a more realistic light, in addition to adding his own take on the character.  It is a lot for an actor to process, because usually you don’t see other people impersonating your character before you even get a chance to portray your character.  There’s direction, of course, but not whole parts of the story already acted out by other characters as your character.  So, that whole long ramble was just my way of saying Daniel Vincent Gordh is my favorite actor on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

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